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davis-pool-pump-repair-and-partsWith the amount of use pools get during our hot Arizona summers, even top quality pool equipment can eventually wear down and stop functioning. Sometimes broken pool equipment just requires a simple, inexpensive part replacement. Other times whole pool cleaning systems need to be replaced, including pumps, motors and filters. Lucky for you, help is right around the corner.

Davis Pool Service offers professional pool pump and equipment parts and repair services. Our trained pool repair experts can assess the situation and help guide you on what needs to be repaired or replaced. Choosing the right repair or replacement pool parts is key to keeping your pool clean and ready to use. Pump size and filter type can vary greatly based on the pool size and shape. Our professionals have the knowledge, skill, and experience to make sure you have the right equipment for your pool. We’re even a certified warranty station for Hayward products.

Even Pool Gas Heaters!

Having issues with your pools gas heater? No problem! We’re specially trained to repair and install gas heaters from brands such as Raypak. Swimming pool gas heater repair can be tricky business and even dangerous if not done correctly. We encourage you to consult with our professionals before trying any it do-it-yourself repairs to your swimming pool’s gas heater.

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